His Favorite Season

The closer it gets to Halloween, the closer it gets to our first big snowfall of the year. This year our last snow, in the city, fell in mid-May. That means, five whole months without snow. Five months without running the snowblower in the yard, sliding to work in my far-from-green boat, the only vehicle […]

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On the eve of our trip to Hobbs, New Mexico, to see Danny show, the last night of our obedience class was held.  This was graduation night.  Snow had fallen all day and there was about four inches covering the ground.  We toyed with the idea of  not going to New Mexico and especially not going […]

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It’s Tough To Special A Bitch

This year, for the first time in more years than would be polite to mention, we are specialing a Kerry Blue dog.  No matter how he does by the end of the show season, it will still be easier than specialing our bitches.  In the world of conformation dog shows it has always been boys first.  Even the […]

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

As a child in elementary school, we read a variety of allegorical tales thinly disguised with clever drawings and talking animals.  After reading each story, the teacher would attempt to engage our class in a discussion of what the story meant and what we could learn from it. There was always the implication that our lives would be on the […]

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Six Weeks Later

There are things many show people say to each other, and their less doggy friends, about what they will do with their winning show dogs once they come off the road and return home.  Maybe it comes from guilt.  Spending a lot of money sending a dog out with somebody in a truck, with other people’s dogs, all around the country […]

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The First One

Like water dripping on a rock, day after day, month after month the show season has gone on for Peyton. The water wears a small depression into the face of the rock and with the help of freezing and thawing it widens. Eventually, the water cracks the rock and splits it, running free. Finally, Peyton […]

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