Winter Kill

As the earth leans closer to the sun, the days are longer and the snow that falls melts quickly.  Spring is less than three weeks away.  Spring, the season of hope and renewal. The season for planting and raking and taking stock in what will be required to begin again.  But Winter lingers, barely visible, in the […]

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A Matter Of Perspective

Perspective in photography refers to the dimension of objects and the spatial relationship between them. It also relates to the position of the human eye in relation to the objects in an image. Perspective may change the way an object looks, depending on the object’s size and distance from the camera. In photography, perspective is […]

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The Light

Due to the largess of some good friends, I was able to attend the 2011 Eukanuba in Orlando. Watching the struggles of our friends and their young dog was heart wrenching. The thrill of the invitation to attend this prestige event overshadowed by old issues between dog and handler. So much hope, so little payoff. […]

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He Is Not A Doberman

From the time I first saw them in the ring, I liked their look. At first glance, I admit, they appeared to be puppy Dobermans. All legs and bad toplines. Pulling away from the judge or snapping at him as he tried in vain to examine each dog. Still, there was something eye-catching about the […]

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A Foreign Appearance

 Watching well-bred dogs at a show, each one trained, groomed and oozing with breed type it’s easy to romanticize how the breed standards were written. A group of highly passionate fanciers, sitting around a table in somebody’s kitchen, dogs laying at their feet, crafting a scholarly manuscript to serve as a blueprint for the breed into […]

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His Favorite Season

The closer it gets to Halloween, the closer it gets to our first big snowfall of the year. This year our last snow, in the city, fell in mid-May. That means, five whole months without snow. Five months without running the snowblower in the yard, sliding to work in my far-from-green boat, the only vehicle […]

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