His Favorite Season

The closer it gets to Halloween, the closer it gets to our first big snowfall of the year. This year our last snow, in the city, fell in mid-May. That means, five whole months without snow. Five months without running the snowblower in the yard, sliding to work in my far-from-green boat, the only vehicle […]

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The Worst of Evils

“Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man,” Friedrich Nietzsche. This was a particularly hot Montgomery. After torrential rains made a ruin out of the Hatboro show grounds, and we’d heard the dog show rumors of standing water at the other venues, we packed rain gear and cool weather clothing. […]

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 On the last day of this show weekend the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club will host its national specialty.  This year the entry is small by our standards, only 93 dogs, but still a nice gathering of the best our breed has to offer.  There will be thirteen dog specials and fifteen bitch specials.  Not all of […]

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