February 1990 – Looking Back

 In an old envelope full of papers, destined for the next trash pick up, we found pages torn from the Westminster Kennel Club catalog dated February 12 & 13,1990.  Reading the names of the dogs in our breed shown that year, as well as the owners and handlers, transported us to a bygone era in dog shows.  Most of the names on the single page were familiar to us and happily many dogs entered went on to become important sires and dams in our breed and some of the people remain influential in the sport today.

1990 doesn’t seem so long ago. Funny how fast twenty-one years race by.  In the dog show world, twenty years is an eternity. There are individuals who started in our breed post-1990 who are no longer seen at shows and their lines have slipped from prominence.  Names in these pages, so familiar to those of us who were not new to our breed twenty years ago, are meaningless to many showing and winning in the twenty-first century. In 1990 class dogs and bitches competed for points as in any other show. It would remain that way until 1992 when it was determined that with a limited entry of 2500 dogs, it would be better if  only specials were allowed to show.


Mrs. Barbara L. Snobel                                                          Ring 7; Mon. 11 :35 am


1623 Sir Thomas Hutton of the Jean, RB276203 Sept. 19, 1988. Breeder: Jean & Ed Underhill. By Ch. Wedgewood Make My Day out of Ch. Bonnie J. L of the Jean. Owner: Jean & Ed Underhill.
(Agent: Douglas R Holloway).

Winners Dog                                                             Points                        Dogs __________ _


1624      Ballyblue’s Armada, RB·078315 June 16, 1986. Breeder: Frank Whitmore. By Ch. Shamisty’s
Kilcarr out of Ch
. Blarneyblues Armada. Owner: Alvin J. Schilling. (Agent: Sue N Whaley).

1625 Lady Emslie Hutton of the Jean, RB·276204 Sept 19, 1988. Breeder: Jean & Ed Underhill. By Ch. Wedgewood Make My Day out of Ch. Bonnie J. L of the Jean. Owner: Jean & Ed Underhill.
(Agent: Douglas HQI~ay).

Winners Bitch                          Reserve                        Points                        Bitches ________ _


1626 Ch. Gibbs Pond Blake, RB·279323 June 1, 1988. Breeder: Richard F. Sayres. By Ch. Exemplars Uttle Boy Blue out of JessicaJewel of the Jean. Owner: Carol Thordsell, & Richard SayreDog.                                                                                                                  –

1627      Ch. Katyland GB Silky Sullivan, RB·096616 Aug. 30, 1986. Breeder. N Hudson, & A & B
. By Ch. Connemara’s Inside Deal out of Ch. KelTeras Kate Kavanau. Owner: Dr. & Mrs. Louis
& Mr, & Mrs, George Contos. (Agent: Mark George). Dog.

1628      Ch. Glenkerins. Oscar Winner, RB·106971 Dec. 17, 1986. Breeder: Suzanne Shultz, &
Donald Spear. By Ch. Oscar the Grouch out of Katiec’s Sassy Lass. Owner: Suzanne E. Shultz. (Agent: Daniel A. Sackos). Dog.

1629      Ch. Shado’s Marine Corps Colonel, RB005693 Nov. 11, 1985. Breeder: Suzanne & Don
Stull. By Ch. Ahane-Anagap Mike Gummel out of Ch. Bluginas Sasson N’ on. Owner: Michael G. &
Elaine Muller
. (Agent: Peter J. Green). Dog.

1630      Ch. Wedgewood Make My Day RA·951071 Oct. 12, 1984. Breeder: Richard & Maryann
hafer, & P. Brennan. By Ch. Wedgewood Ryans Thunder out of Ch. Casllecomer‘s Ciara Rose. Owner:   Richard & Maryanne Schaefer. (Agent: Robert Fisher). Dog.                    –             —

1631      Ch. Pendragon Kiern of Cort, RA995314 July 17,1985. Breeder: James A. & Mary Ellen
. By Ch.Keamach Kayne of Kiskevin out of ch. Pendragon Cortney Cornish. Owner: James A.
& Mary Ellen Hoover. (Agent: Jennifer Gill Dobbs). Dog.

1632 Ch. Belle Terres Pop The Cork, RB099059 Nov. 4,1986. Breeder: Cari Bellendorf. By Ch. Torums Corky Capers outof Ch. Belle Terre’s Tinker Toy. Owner: George B. Rodda. (Agent: Shige Kato).

1633 Ch. Exemplar’s Little Boy Blue RB·098953 Dec. 19, 1986. Breeder. Kathleen Reilly. By Ch. Tontines Joe Cool out of Ch. Tontine’s Misty Blue Mandy. Owner: Erika & George Kalogeras. Dog.

1634 Ch. Kerrageen Hotspur RB·225255 Oct. 10, 1986. Breeder: Sharon K. Crenshaw. ByCh. Kel Taras Kolonel Kopper out of Ch. Aisling’s Prairie Piper. Owner: Brian Percy. (Agent: Bill McFadden)Dog.

1635 Ch. Betancourt Chap Macrie, RB·074310 Feb. 14, 1986. Breeder: Angie Mederos. By Ch. Betancourt Mississippi Gambler out of Derand Betancourt Wild Rose. Owner: Peter J. & Monica H.
Meehan. Dog.

1636 Ch. Betancourt Big Mickey, RB·253312 April 30, 1988. Breeder: Angie Mederos. By Ch. Betancourt’s Barnat1j out of Ch. Betancourts Molly O’Higgins. Owner: Ed Dalton, & Janet Turner.
t: Angie Mederos). Dog.

1637 Ch. Aksarben’s Jack of Diamonds, RB·117689 Feb. 17,1987. Breeder: Joanne Sharples. By Ch. Felbrin‘s Duke of Diamonds out of Ch. Felbrin’s Emerald Cut. Owner: Joanne Sharples. (Agent: OConnor Garmaker). Dog.

1638      Ch. McBees Escapadee, RB·068312 Sept. 5hl986. Breeder. Omalou McBride. By Ch. Torums
Corky Capers out of Ch. Camshrons Filme At Harel aus. Owner: Omalou McBride. (Agent: Brad
Wooldridge). Bitch.

Best Kerry Blue Terrier _______ _    Best of Winners  ___________    Best of Opposite Sex ________   

Westminster Kennel Club
February 12 & 13, 1990                                                                         TERRIER GROUP – 218 

 Looking at this page is fascinating, The dogs’ numbers were four digits, not the modern two digit ones. And the term “by” and “out of” were used to denote sire and dam.  This is never seen today. Dogs and bitches were assigned numbers in order without regard to sex, In our breed ring of 1990, nearly every dog had a handler. Their names read like a who’s who of our sport. Mark George, who became known as a man who handled Scotties and forced out of the sport by his extreme size and accompanying health issues was there.  Danny Sackos who current exhibitors may know from his successful Geordan Irish Terriers stood in the lineup with Peter Green, twenty years younger and handling a dog referred to by all of us as “the other Corky”.  Robert Fisher presented a dog who would sire a winner for our line, Ch. Wedgewood Make My Day. Bobby went on to become an AKC rep of long-standing. Bill McFadden, the handler known to most Kerry exhibitors for his win at this Garden party, in 2003 with Torum’s Scarf Michael,was there too.  He was on the great Ch. Kerrageen Hotspur. A dog that started his life as Kerrageen Hotspoor and brought a good amount of fame to his breeder Sharon Krenshaw. The story surrounding this great dog is legendary.  He was discovered in his owner’s yard living the life of a pet dog.  McFadden took one look at him and knew he was a winner. This was one of McFadden’s break out dogs and would cement his place in our breed.  There are other handlers listed whose fame has slipped from the memories of most of us, but were no double proud, standing in Ring 7 at 11:35 am on that day in February.

 The dogs, too, are fascinating. In the era of the late eighties and early nineties, our breed could be split into East Coast and West Coast types. Kerry breed type today, is much more an amalgamation. No longer can knowledgeable exhibitors watch an entry from ringside and easily pick out the origins of the dogs in front of them. The entry of Westminster 1990 is by far more diverse than this year’s entry. Some of the lines represented that year have evaporated, lost in time. Some names have reappeared in modern pedigrees with the use of very old frozen semen.  A line in Northern California proudly traces its beginnings to the West Coast showman, Ch. Katyland GB Silky Sullivan, Mark George’s charge in 1990. The breed’s greatest import twenty years ago, was arguably, Ch. Torum’s Corky Capers, Corky was an exciting dog to watch in the ring and through careful breeding, improved many of the bitches bred to him, including our own. His breeder, Ron Ramsay, became familiar to all of us through this dog, long before Mick’s arrival and dominance. Corky sired one of the dogs in the entry of 1990.  But, Ch. Shado’s Marine Corps Colonel, an influential dog in his own right in the same era was referred to as “the other Corky”.  This dog from the East Coast, handled by Peter Green, appears in the pedigrees of some dogs still being shown. His breeder, Suzanne Stull, has a new puppy yet to make his presence in the show ring.

The breeders behind the 1990 Westminster entry, and their lines, have  nearly faded, too.  The short lived Gibbs Pond line of Richard F. Sayer, better known in the East melded with Jean Underhill’s, Of the Jean line that ended with her death.  A few years ago, a breeder mentored by Ms Underhill, used frozen semen from the 1990 Westminster class dog, Sir Thomas Hutton of the Jean, and bred a litter of puppies that showed on honoring Ms. Underhill and this nice dog.  Wedgewood Kerries produced some influential dogs including their entry at this show, Clint. Ch.Wedgewood’s Make My Day sired a multi-group winner for us and represented an attempt to bring something different to our line.  Pendragon, Belle Terre and McBee still exist today.  But the elegant and high style dogs bred by Kathleen Reilly, of Exemplar, are no more, living on in the pedigrees of our dogs.

This year’s Westminster entries reflect their times just as the dogs on page 218 of the old catalog were products of theirs.  Five of the nine dogs entered this year, were bred from at least one foreign dog.  Four of these five were imported. None were bred or owned by anyone who produced a dog in the 1990 entry.  A quick check of the pedigrees of the 2011 representatives shows only very distant connections to a few of these long ago dogs.  Has our breed improved in twenty years? Not in many ways. Are current breeders, who are working hard to establish their lines, more skillful and durable than those who came before them? I hope some of them will be. 

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