Learning to Drive

In 1971, when I learned to drive, my dream was to drive coast to coast, radio blaring. But in our family, kids didn’t drive on dog show trips in the family station wagon loaded with people and dogs. My parents drove coast to coast, with us sweltering in the back seat with no air conditioning, […]

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What Makes A Good Breeder

A young friend of mine is going to be interviewed on a radio talk show about what makes a good breeder.  This is important information and everybody who listens to the program will take away the opinions of my friend and the host. She will be viewed as an expert on this topic and being a confident person she […]

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February 1990 – Looking Back

 In an old envelope full of papers, destined for the next trash pick up, we found pages torn from the Westminster Kennel Club catalog dated February 12 & 13,1990.  Reading the names of the dogs in our breed shown that year, as well as the owners and handlers, transported us to a bygone era in dog shows.  […]

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I believe in God.  Not because I worship at a prescribed time and place,  nor because I come from a particularly religious tradition.  Rather, my belief is grounded in facts irrefutable to me.  Outcomes where in no way, not even through the exercise of my free will, did I play even a small role.  I choose to believe and […]

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Broken Majors, Broken Promises

When the breed counts came up for the Denver shows this year we were excited. More excited than we had been in the recent past when we crossed our fingers and pulled up the information on the Onofrio website. As we collectively stared at the counts it was as if we had just seen the […]

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