The Limit

There is a show on TV that chronicles the lives of animal hoarders.  We sit and watch in revulsion as the hoarders climb around rooms in houses piled high with dog and cat feces.  Floors inches deep in the mouldering substrate of waste from more animals than the whole neighborhood would own in a lifetime.  Certainly these people […]

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Why Should I?

You can’t show dogs very long and not realize that no matter what dog and handler you have, you don’t always win. Even if you think you should.  Sometimes not only don’t you win, but your rival wins a nice placement in the group.  Your group placement.  It kills you to see their slightly smug, smiling […]

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It Was Written on The Cake

Now that Peyton has been home since November, and his show days are behind him, he is once again our strange and wonderful pet dog.  He has no purpose in our house except to be our dog and go with us as we occasionally travel to see his brother, Danny, show.  It has also been long enough that […]

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City Mouse, Country Mouse

As a child in elementary school, we read a variety of allegorical tales thinly disguised with clever drawings and talking animals.  After reading each story, the teacher would attempt to engage our class in a discussion of what the story meant and what we could learn from it. There was always the implication that our lives would be on the […]

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Lining Up

It is the first true winter night we’ve had all year.  The year is only nine days old, but two days ago we were all wearing shorts and flip-flops and now we’re searching the backs of our closets for winter boots.  There are six inches of very light snow piled up on the roads and the […]

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Six Weeks Later

There are things many show people say to each other, and their less doggy friends, about what they will do with their winning show dogs once they come off the road and return home.  Maybe it comes from guilt.  Spending a lot of money sending a dog out with somebody in a truck, with other people’s dogs, all around the country […]

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Moving On

The death of Mr. Leonard in November took the life out of us. He was not a big winner, in fact he finished his championship one week before he turned seven years old.  He was not wholly imperfect but not the best example of our line either.  He had his mother’s loving nature, but sometimes he […]

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