The First One

Like water dripping on a rock, day after day, month after month the show season has gone on for Peyton. The water wears a small depression into the face of the rock and with the help of freezing and thawing it widens. Eventually, the water cracks the rock and splits it, running free. Finally, Peyton […]

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This Old House

On the outskirts of Kansas City, Kansas, set off a new freeway spur, stands an old house with clapboard siding and a stone foundation.  It sits on nearly two acres and is shaded by huge, old trees that dominate the lawns.  Everything about the place is old, except for the new, asphalt driveway repaved in September of this year.  One night before […]

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Judging The Future

This year at Montgomery I could not show our dog, Danny, for the first three days.  I missed being in the ring, for my less than two minutes, at Morris & Essex, Hatboro and Devon.  I couldn’t watch the judging of the class dogs and needlessly stayed away from anybody who had a young dog sure […]

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October Corn Fields

No matter how fast you drive, or how early you leave home, driving 1850 miles takes a long time. Two and a half days for us. This year our route is a combination of the northern route along I-80 and the southern route along I-70. Anyone who drives the interstates with some frequency is aware […]

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