Coffee Klatch

By the time the groups roll around at most shows, the pain of losing has lost its sting. I usually settle into a chair ringside, or pick up my camera and finish out the day shooting pictures. Photographing dogs in the ring is mind numbing. Much like taking senior photos for some high school yearbook. […]

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Clear Vision

As I mentally prepare to be part of the panel judging this year’s Futurity I study the breed standard, the history of our breed and our books on dog structure and movement. I am searching for a visual clarity about our breed I can take with me to this assignment. Although I am not twenty-two, […]

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The Novice Guide To Raising Puppies

While preparing for our litter, we rummaged through all the old magazine articles and books. Learned scholars have devoted a lot of study and time writing lists for breeders to consult when faced with the daunting task of raising puppies.  The one thing I know about the process of breeding, whelping and raising the litter is […]

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Kansas Road Trip

Our puppies arrived in early June and while this was a great time for them to be born it took us off the road until we decided we just couldn’t stand it any more and entered the Capitol City Cluster, in Topeka, Kansas, at the end of August. Our van seemed to bulge with both of us, Eva, […]

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