The Last Of The Line

At four weeks old the three puppies are aware of each other and are starting to play and wrestle. Today we trimmed their tiny pin-pointed nails and stood them up and brushed them. Holding each puppy and spending time with it away from the littermates allowed us to see them as individuals instead of part […]

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Allowed to Fail

When I was a kid in elementary school we had something we called Field Day. This was a kind of kiddie Olympics held at the school. Kids chose what to take part in, all the track and field events were offered, with the exception of any of the events that required kids to throw heavy […]

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The Whelp Leader

It is too early to tell much about the quality of the puppies in our litter. Today they are ten days old and for the first time you can see some individuality developing. They are all over 20 ounces and up on their long legs walking around the whelping box. Still blind and deaf, they […]

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Don’t Tread On Me!

Our puppies are nine days old. One is already up on her long, thick legs walking. She is the whiner and fusser in the litter. They are already losing their generic newborn look. It’s still too early to really recognize them as Kerry Blue puppies if they are not curled up with their mother. We […]

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The Pick Puppy

Our litter of three arrived at 10:03 am on Monday morning, June 7. There were two girls and one boy. They are black sausages now and at three days old are already crawling around, sleeping piled up or under the rails in the whelping box. Their mother, Eva, stays with them, but wants to go […]

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Run It Like A Business

There is a lot of talk at the shows about declining entries. Frequently we read in the dog press about there being “too many shows”. This may be the case on the East Coast, but here in the west no one thinks this is true. Now word has gone around that AKC judges may be […]

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Outside – Inside

I was trolling through the weekly show results and noticed an entry judged by a new judge who is a friend of mine. I was surprised at some of the dogs she picked. Had I been at the show, not merely reading about the entry, would I have agreed with her? At most shows it’s […]

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