Has Anybody Seen Our Spring?

Colorado doesn’t have the winter weather of Minnesota, Wisconsin or most of the upper Midwest, but we get our share.  More than our share, really. At least this year.  This is the storm those of us who live here and show dogs refer to as the Wichita storm.  Most years, in our recorded dog show history, there is […]

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Accidentally Family

Both my parents were only children. My brother and sister and I grew up with no aunts, no uncles and no cousins. At Christmas this was a boon. I listened in horror to my friends who only got one present and had to share their rooms with cousins from all over. My sister and I […]

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Making Lemonade In Scottsdale

After our trip to St. Louis in January, reasonable people might just wait for great weather and really great judges before venturing out more than a day’s drive  to show dogs.  But nobody has ever accused us of being reasonable.  Arrival at the hotel in Scottsdale was a harbinger for the rest of the weekend.  The motel […]

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Little Dog Lost

We met an old rival at the shows we have just attended. Seeing him makes us cry and not mind the losing so much. We are probably overly sentimental about him due to a number of factors, not the least being our intimate acquaintance with our breed. People who don’t know his story, or the few […]

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