California Dreamin’

We did not send a dog to the Eukanuba this year. We were invited with two dogs, but this year the show wasn’t an invitational. It was open to all comers, from puppies to specials. When the judging panel came up we hoped for judges who would be good for us, but that was not […]

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New Champions

Our Eva has been in Dallas all weekend on the first leg of her farewell tour. With her has been a Havenese, just starting out, and two more Kerries. Also in this entry was a son of a dog we own. This young dog has been working on his championship, with his owner/hander. They have […]

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It’s winter here and we are having our first days of true winter temperatures.  While outside this morning with two of our dogs, Maggie the rescue dog and Elvis, our old man, I found myself watching them gait around the yard.  With their short hair I could clearly see how they each used their fronts and rears and […]

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