This is the time of year in the show ring where there are a lot of wacky things going on.  Most saavy show people are aware that this is the ending for some dogs and the beginning for others.  Judges are lobbied more than ever by handlers, owners and monied backers to push this dog […]

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Room at the Inn

We called our handler the other night in Decatur, Alabama to see how the weekend was shaping up.  There was some good news and some bad news.  It had taken me over two hours to reach her at the motel where she was staying since nobody seemed to be available to answer the phone on the desk.  In the process […]

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Why Do We Do This?

A good friend in dogs and I were talking about the current show season and the ending of it. It will end for us in December this year and we don’t know when we will start again next year. Our young dog is not ready for the rigors of the road and though we long […]

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Walking on Water

He stands motionless, staring out into the yard full of deep snow. His eyes narrowed and nose twitching. The slight breeze ruffles his white coat and his ears blow ever so slightly backward. suddenly, he explodes forward pulling the earth under him as he runs. Round and round, faster and faster he races. He turns […]

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