As you sit judging from ringside you sometimes wonder why certain dogs win time after time.  If you have never gone over the dogs you don’t know what the judge feels.  But, sometimes you have gone over the exhibits and you know what you felt.  You are, therefore, surprised when one you considered mediocre gets […]

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The Balancing Act

 Returning from Montgomery with empty pockets, no ribbons but plenty of ideas, we contemplate breeding a bitch in the Spring.  After seeing 75+ dogs of our breed for four days I am now very clear about one thing:  I know very little about breeding dogs.  Sure, I know the theories, I know the pedigrees, I have eyes in […]

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Sacred Places

We come like pilgrims to Lourdes and we are seeking a healing of sorts ourselves.  The names of the sacred places beckon us each year and bring ripples of excitement that flutter our hearts.  Doylestown, Willow Grove,  Hatboro, Devon, and the most sacred of all, Montgomery County.  The journey is 1800 miles one way and takes us […]

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