Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Moe

On a very warm, early morning in July we loaded Danny and the last few pieces of equipment into the van and headed for Portland, Oregon.  After months of planning and waiting the time had finally come for us to claim our puppies and pass judgement upon them.  We were not to be alone.  There would be two other breeders, […]

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It’s 100 plus degrees and 90% humidity.  Two judge changes out of four.  No coolers or outside food allowed.  $6.00 per day to park.  The prospect of facing your breed’s #1 dog everyday and staying at a motel where English speakers are in the minority. A huge city-wide Harley Davidson parade and chronic congestion getting into and out of the […]


Bringing Home Baby

In thirteen days we will make a 1200 mile journey to Portland, Oregon, and the Stumptown Cluster, Portland Kennel Club dog shows.  We will meet our Cairn Terrier friend who has been showing our young male, Danny, and Danny’s breeder, and some of her friends, and some of their friends.  There will be over three hundred combined years […]

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