Puppies Are Coming

Today we heard from Lynn, who has the bitch we have bred, that an xray revealed there are at least six, maybe as many as eight, puppies coming.  She also told us her buyers had reconsidered.  We still have buyers for anywhere from six to eight puppies ourselves. This is great in a time where many breeders are still holding onto puppies that are over six months old.  We are not sure the reason we seemingly have our litter sold.  Maybe it’s the best of luck.  Maybe it’s the fact that we don’t sell puppies on elaborate contracts with co-ownership clauses and breeding rights and various demands on the buyers.  Maybe it’s because our puppies cost just over a thousand dollars instead of closer to two.  After all, these puppies are all potential.  Neither the sire or the dam have impressive win records or are household names.  They are both very nice dogs with exceptional conformation and behind them stand some of the nicest dogs from both lines.  But that is all they are…potential.  That’s all any puppy is.

We are selfish breeders, really.  We have decided to bring these little lives into the world for our pleasure.  The world doesn’t need more Kerry Blue Terrier puppies or any puppies of any breed.  We show dogs and love that life.  The ups and downs, the moments of elation and the depths of disappointment make fools of us on a weekly basis.  These puppies represent our choice for our doggie future.  We have a beautiful, typey bitch we got specifically as our comeback dog.  She was our hope for our future when she was twelve weeks old and we brought her home from Iowa and other friends who breed our line.   She carries a name that belies all our hopes for her and us, Harmony Pursuing  History, and we call her Honour.  You know, like honor the past.  My mom, the smarter half of our team, named her.  She is small and powerful and loves herself and her handler far more than she loves us. 

After the death of my father in 2000, my mom was alone with only one reluctant bitch to show and nobody to show with.  She finished her bitch and by the time I came back here to live in the winter of 2001 our line was virtually gone.  She and I bred the last litter born here in 2002.  A single pup that while striking in appearance was no show dog.  When we brought Honour home we did so primarily to re-establish ourselves in the show ring.  We considered her too small to be a winner, but could see her quality as she marched around the yard.  Our handler, Odebt, saw far more than we did and showed her to some very nice wins.  We were back.  It seems sadly ironic that we have been unsuccessful in breeding this bitch.  Four tries and four failures.  As if we’ve made a deal with the devil.  We can be winners, but not breeders. 

With Lynn’s help, we are beating the devil and having puppies.  They are coming, they are coming.  There are six potentially happy people who will become quasi members of our family and of course Lynn and us who will each take a pup to go on with if we deem any show-worthy and reflective of the quality of their parents.  We are nervous and excited and can’t wait to see the litter for the first time in July.  So much anticipation for what is really only potential.  But what is life without hope, even if it is something as frivolous as hoping for a nice dog to show.

That’s who we are and we don’t apologize about it.

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