Win Some, Lose Some…Terry All – Day One

On an old TV in our basement sits an electric clock that was the Terrier Group One prize in 1971 at the Terry All Kennel Club show.  There is another one in our town that sat for many years in the window of a grooming shop a few miles from us.  This one belongs to the former owner of the shop and his came from the Non-Sporting group.   Our clock runs perfectly if the show doesn’t always.

This is the only show on this side of the mountains that has poor grooming accomodations.  The people who run the show try very hard and they are very accomodating.  The show has always been at this location and these days you either set up in a horse stall, outside in the parking lot or a dirt floored barn.  The weather in Colorado at this time of year ranges from freezing rain, snow or icy wind to broilling heat.  This year we had all of the former.  We set up in the parking lot which is only a short walk to this year’s show building.  Most of the exhibitors breathed a sigh of relief when we realized we weren’t showing in the so-called “round” building.  This domed structure has a slick, black rubber floor that must appear like an abyss to many dogs.  Having a young pup to show we were not looking forward to seeing his reaction to this surface.

We had the usual compliment of people in our set up, including our Cairn terrier friend, Kari who has been showing our pup, Danny.  He seems to like the shows more and more and really enjoys watching and postering for any dog he sees.  Kari piloted him to Best of Winners on this day and he picked up one more point.  Another friend, had entered her bitch that we have been showing for her and this bitch also picked up another point.  This was kind of too bad since all this bitch needs is majors to finish and there was none to be had this weekend.  This bitch was in season and showed poorly so she was taken home and did not return the next day.  At least she and her owner were warmer.

Our bitch special, Ch. Casey’s Blue Mountain Promise, shown by our handler Odebt Massey, won the breed and failed to even get a look in the group.  The judge walked past all the leg dogs and went right for the mid-risers.  But wait….we have a mid-rise dog.  for the second time this day we were shocked to see the judge pulled Peyton out for further consideration.  His exotic handler, Kristin Karboski, worked and worked him and he showed for once like he knew what he was in there for.  You could only see fleeting panic cross his pointed face now and then.  The judge picked a local Smooth Fox Terrier for the Group 1, another local dog, the Welsh Terrier for the Group 2 and the Bedlington, Peyton, for the Group 3.  A Border terrier, owner handled was Group 4. 

We had been surprised and a little shocked that Peyton won the breed.  Not that he isn’t worthy of the win, but he just never wins.  What was in our favor was the surprise entrance of Peyton’s East Coast handler, Kristin.  She is currently showing a very nice Australian Terrier who lives in Colorado.  If we had known ahead of time she was in town we would have been very excited. Peyton loves her and will do anything she wants him to do.   The conditions outside where we were all grooming made it extremely difficult to put a smooth finish on any dog.  But as we saw him standing in the breed ring lineup we were very pleased he made such a nice picture.  She does with him in the few minutes she is showing him what I haven’t been able to do in two years: get him noticed and make him show like a winner.  Where it’s a push/pull between he and I, Kristin and Peyton are seamless.

But never feel too proud of yourself or your win at a show because there is always somebody who, on purpose or unintentionally , snaps you back to reality.  Our handler’s assistant told us that another local handler with an Am Staff, who walked from the group ring the day Peyton and Kristin won, said he was surprised with the placements, especially the “weed-whacked” Bedlington.   I guess we resemble that remark.

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