All’s Well, That End’s Well – Terry-All Day Two

As exciting as our Bedlington’s win had been the day before, it is our Kerry bitch special, Eva, we most wanted a group placement for.  

The second day of the Terry-All shows was cold and alternated between sleet, and rain.  We moved into the yellow, dirt floored building with the working dog and obedience rings to warm up and escape the wind.  It was dark in the building, but quiet and dry.  We set up only about a third of the gear we brought and left the rest in the van.  We met up with our Elante Bedlington friends and watched them get their dogs ready.  We did not enter Peyton this second day.  The judge we would have had was in Denver about four years ago and picked me in both Kerries and Bedlingtons because the dogs I showed her were happy, little and cute.  That is exactly what she told me when she gave me the purple and gold ribbons.  The Bedlington belonged to another friend and this dog really was little and cute.  He has gone on to sire some nice puppies.  Knowing her preference, and knowing Peyton is neither little nor cute, he spent all day sleeping in his black wire crate with the gingham cover and pad and his head resting on his green dog.

We drove over to the ring building and watched the judging.  Kristin sat ringside with Kerry and Carol, the Aussie breeder/owners, and were disappointed Peyton wasn’t entered.  For a brief moment we wished maybe we had.  Kristin made him look so good in the ring the day before, maybe the magic would have work again.  However, in about ten minutes, as class after class when to small, cute dogs, we realized we had been right.  The Elante bitch special won over the BluDiamond bitch special for BOB and our young friend Andrea won BOS with her young dog special.  They were all cuter, and smaller than Peyton. We congratulated the winners and drove back to the warmth of the barn.    

Danny, our Kerry puppy was another matter.  The inclement weather was just a momentary distraction for him.  We groomed him in the dark and handed him off to Kari to show.  The Kerry class bitch entry had evaporated so there were no points available for Danny this day.  He is still in training and Kari tried various things with him.  He has excellent movement, powerful for a dog so young, but it will take time to bring it all together in the ring.  We have time.

Eva won the breed and moved on to the group. She looked better and showed better than we had seen her for a long time.  This day, she was not to be denied. In a move that stunned ringside, the judge picked a Skye Terrier, who had just finished, as Group One.  Group two went to a Smooth Fox Terrier bitch, bred by the same breeder who was Group One on Saturday.  We were chanting, “legs, legs, legs, legs” from ringside hoping to inspire the judge to pick a dog from the front of the line where Eva and Odebt stood.  Eva has learned to work in the ring.  She asks for the win and with her shiny coat and beautiful color you see a dog worthy of placing.  Today the judged turned, walked up the line and we had another Group three.  Two days, two placements. 

 The Group four dog was Kari with Woody the Cairn.  We love this young dog.  He hitched a ride with us last year to Montgomery and finished his championship in March by winning a 60+ Cairn specialty in Detroit.  For a legless dog he’s OK!

We watched the rest of the show and saw some nice dogs we hadn’t seen or noticed before in our area.  A beautiful, red, mahogany Saluki placed in the hound group.  We didn’t recall having seen this dog before, but it was a standout.  This weekend was no pressure for us.  While our friends were fighting for scraps at the Nor-Cal Terrier Shows, we were having fun and doing a little winning.  Maybe it wasn’t so cold after all.

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