The Only Power You Have

As exhibitors the only real power you have over the dog show process is your entry.  You can belong to a local kennel club, your national breed club and maybe a specialty club and you can get the opportunity to supply input about judges to the show committee.  But, for every judge you don’t think does your […]

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Puppies Are Coming

Today we heard from Lynn, who has the bitch we have bred, that an xray revealed there are at least six, maybe as many as eight, puppies coming.  She also told us her buyers had reconsidered.  We still have buyers for anywhere from six to eight puppies ourselves. This is great in a time where many breeders are still […]

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Photoshop Makes Idiots of Us All

I checked out Dog News today on line and saw the cover story featured a Bedlington bitch shown out of the Northwest by a well known professional handler.  The photo does a nice job of pairing the dog with the handler’s face so even the most neophyte judge will know that is the dog they can feel […]

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