Springtime in Colorado

Well…we knew it was coming.  There has been no winter in our part of Colorado, that is to say the part east of the Rockies, this year.  Everybody talks about how we really need the water, but that’s really so the weather gods don’t punish us and snow us in. 

Today we woke up to dire predictions of a foot of snow in the Metro by the afternoon.  We had no snow until about 9:30 am.  It’s still snowing nearly twelve hours later.  We have about a foot and you have to shovel nearly hourly just to keep up.  It started out warm and wet and has ended up wind blown and dry.  The airport is virtually shut down and most businesses closed early.  Maybe there is nothing wrong with snow after all!

Little dog, big snow.

See him challenge the deep drift.

Drift won, doggie none.

Peyton with Drifts
Peyton with Drifts

Nothing like a snow day to catch up with dog show friends and strategize about the next show.  Our next foray into the ring will be at the Terry-All Kennel Club show Easter weekend.  Because we are heathens, we and several hundred of our friends will be at the shows instead of Easter Egg hunting with cute, fat cheeked kids, or watching the Easter Sunrise Service at the outdoor ampitheater. 

The two judges we have are not the best for us but the show is close and they aren’t so bad we can’t work with them.  Bouyed by Danny’s success last weekend in Texas we are anxious to try him again, and since we are making real progress in our grooming of Peyton, we entered.  It remains to be seen if this is a good decision, but that’s what we have done.  The show site is another matter.

All our shows are indoors and the venues are pretty clean and climate controlled.  Terry-All is the exception.  There is no reserved grooming and what they have is either in a horse stall or outside in the parking lot beside your car.  The horse stalls have electricity if you stand up on a ladder and plug into an overhead outlet.  The stalls are dark and either cold or swealtering depending on the weather.  We have groomed by the warmth of a portable heater and helped a friend seek energency care for a dog suffering heat exhaustion.  Last year we had set up in the parking lot next to our van and a friend’s car.  The pop-up canopy was working fine until we left to show the dogs.  When we returned the canopy was across the parking lot under a tree and all our stuff was overturned and blown around.  Both cars had dings from the legs of the canopy hitting them.  It was quite spectacular according to other exhibitors who stood by laughing while our world was sucked up into the swirling vortex.

The show building is another problem.  It is dimly lit and the floor is a glassy rubber-like material.   Many dogs hate the floor and scrabble about trying to control their four legs, that must seem like eight, on the slippery surface.  Our dogs tend to be on the darker side of the standard, and we count on favorable lighting to reveal every blue hair.  This building actually makes all breeds look darker and we have suffered many a loss here to lighter dogs.  Due, no doubt, to the simple fact that the judge can’t even see them in the ring because of the lighting.  Still we all still go to this show and hope for the best.  Hope for good weather, new bulbs and perfect vision on all the judges.

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