Springtime in Colorado

Well…we knew it was coming.  There has been no winter in our part of Colorado, that is to say the part east of the Rockies, this year.  Everybody talks about how we really need the water, but that’s really so the weather gods don’t punish us and snow us in.  Today we woke up to dire […]

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The Great Texas Road Trip

Texas does for Texas so the saying goes.  But that didn’t stop us from traveling 13 hours to the Ft. Worth Kennel Club shows this past weekend.  The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Texas held their annual specialty on Friday with two all breed shows following.  There were 20 Kerries entered and 19 showed up.  We brought […]

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The Rocky Mountain Cluster

You can show dogs in this country almost every week of every year.  When we started there were not nearly so many shows.  Shows were on Sunday and people didn’t travel as much to show dogs as they do today.  There was no reserved grooming and no forced air dryers.  Much of the grooming was done at home […]

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